Tourism Project

The beautiful, wildlife rich landscapes of South West Mull and Iona attract many visitors each year, while the majority of businesses in the area are partly or wholly dependent on tourism. In summer 2020, the re-opening of tourism after the first Covid lockdown brought an influx of new visitors into the area, coupled with a reduction in the facilities that were open amid anxieties about Covid protocols. This highlighted a number of pressure points, for example, waste management. Funded by NatureScot's Better Places: Green Recovery Fund, in Spring 2021 we undertook a consultation project that asked the community about tourism in the area, the opportunities it presents for economic and social recovery post-Covid, what pressure points exist, and what solutions there might be that benefit both the community and our visitors.

The consultation produced three outcomes:-

  1. A detailed consultation report packed full of information and ideas;
  2. A local tourism advisory group that comprises local people who are involved in tourism that meets regularly to share information and look at solutions to issues;
  3. A community-owned waste disposal tank for campervan blue waste located in Bunessan. 

Read our Tourism Report Campervan Waste Disposal Unit

Tourism Project (c) Paul Adams


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