Boat Storage and Slip Use

Slip Launch Charges

We would love you to use our beautiful new slipway for launching your boat!

To help us cover the ongoing cost of maintenance, insurance etc, there is a £10 charge for this service. This charge is per round trip use - i.e. £10 includes launch and recovery.

Please note that use of the slipway is absolutely at your own risk.

Payment can be made online by SUMUP

Cash (on the slipway)

BACS – please contact us.

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Boat Storage

We have space to store boats onshore at Bendoran for which a fee is payable, either annual or weekly.

Spaces are subject to availability. 

Prices as follows:

  Local Annual Local Weekly Visitor Weekly
*Boat/Trailer storage 3m to 5m £100 £10 £20
*Boat/trailer storage 5m +  £200 £20 £40
**Tender storage (under 3m) £ 50 £10 £20
**Kayak/SUP storage (limited spaces) £40 £5 £10

(*Prices include use of slip, tender storage & trailer storage)
(**Prices include use of slip)
Please note that boats are left entirely at owner’s risk.

To enquire about availability and payment arrangements, please contact us.

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