Campervan Blue Waste Disposal Tank

Thanks to a grant from Argyll and Bute Council's Staycation project, in August 2020 we installed a campervan blue-black waste disposal point in the middle of Bunessan, beside the public toilets and in front of MESS-Island Castaways.

The tank was installed to encourage campervan users to dispose of waste responsibly as a lack of facilities had led to waste being disposed of in the public toilets, causing blockages that backed up into local residents' back gardens. Since the tank was installed this problem has not recurred! 

The sewage system in Bunessan does not have the capacity to take campervan waste and our self-contained tank needs regularly emptying. To cover this high cost we ask for a £10 donation per empty. We also ask that users ONLY dispose of blue-black waste rather than grey waste which fills the tank un-necessarily. 

We are very grateful to all those campervanners who have used the tank responsibly and paid for the service, and to Island Castaways (a Mull and Iona Community Trust project) for the use of their water and electricity supply.

Thank you for helping to keep our community clean - for our benefit and yours!



Campervan Blue Waste Disposal Tank


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