Tiroran Timber Sawmill and Biochar

The Tiroran Timber Sawmill and Biochar project are recent developments at the forest, thanks to funding from the Prince's Countryside Fund, Scottish Forestry and the Scottish Government's Rural and Island Communities Ideas Into Action Fund, managed by Inspiring Scotland).

From March 2023 we have been in a position to supply saleable products from the timber that is owned by the local community; keeping added value from the timber in the community, and reducing the carbon footprint of timber products used locally. The project has already enabled us to take on another member of staff, Matt Burgess, who has been busy building a shelter for the sawmill and starting to build up stock. 

Initially, we will be creating products such as cladding and fence posts and rails from a supply of larch that has very little value as logs, due to the presence of Phytophthora ramorum.

The bark and other waste products from processing our larch will be made into biochar in our new specialised kiln. Created by burning organic matter without oxygen, biochar can sequester Co2 within the soil for hundreds of years. It also acts as a natural fertiliser, improving soil aeration and structure, and making it easier for plants to absorb nutrients from the soil. 


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Tiroran Timber Sawmill and Biochar


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