Willow hideaways; a seat with a view; and bikes, bridges and berms


It seems that there is always something new at Tiroran Community Forest!

Three new willow structures can now be found in the playground. Created by local weaver Alex James, with local and visiting children during an Easter holiday activity, these beautiful dens are a wonderful place to play or just sit and enjoy sounds of the forest.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the forest track, we now have a lovely wooden seat located part way up the slope. Perfect timing for a rest and with stunning views to contemplate. The timber for the seat originally came from the forest and was cut by Bob Hastie and Joe McHugh for the welcome seat. In the end it wasn't used for that and sat in Joe's garage for a while until Marie Fox discovered it and returned it to the forest. Every piece of timber has a story!

If you continue up the steep slope to where the forest track ends you will find the intended start of the mountain bike trail that is currently in development. Two hardy volunteers, Dave Francis and Terry Ward, are working hard to create the trail, making the most of the natural features of the landscape and using materials that they find on the forest floor for construction. Complete with bridges and "berms" (banked turns), it is going to be a brilliant activity once it is complete - another attraction for local people and visitors to enjoy!  

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