Getting out on the water - Watersports at Bendoran!


We are delighted to see the development of two new local organisations based at community-owned Bendoran!

B-WAC Bendoran Water Activities Club

This community club will be open for local people to join as members and take part in a range of watersports including sea kayaking, sailing and paddle boarding.

The aim of the club is to provide new opportunities for sport and recreation and to support the physical and emotional wellbeing of the local community.

Supported by the Bendoran Watersports social enterprise, the club will be holding weekly evening community watersports sessions starting 13th July. Book a space and use the equipment provided, or bring your own boat or board and get out on the water with safety cover available. 

B-WAC is holding an open day - BBQ and watersport taster session - on Sunday 11th July at Bendoran from 11 until 3. All welcome for a sausage and a quick trip taster in a sea kayak or sailing dinghy!

The club is also looking for more people to join the management committee. If you are interested in getting involved and helping to shape the future direction of the club contact Jon Lloyd (details below).


Bendoran Watersports social enterprise

Bendoran Watersports social enterprise has been delivering guided sea kayak trips since mid May and will also be providing sailing courses for local people and visitors in due course.

Thanks to a grant from Argyll and Bute Community Fund, Bendoran Watersports is delighted to be offering 2 free week-long courses for local people. One for young people to be held in the summer holidays to include learning to sea kayak and an overnight camping expedition, and the other for adults to be held in the autumn. This is a joint venture with BWAC and booking information will be announced through the BWAC Facebook page.

Bendoran Watersports BWAC Facebook page Email

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