Tree planters needed at Tiroran Community Forest!


It's replanting season and by the end of March we will have planted another 28,825 trees in the clear fell areas of Tiroran Community Forest! Volunteer and paid opportunities are available to help our Community Forester with this ambitious programme.

The trees are to be planted in three distinct forest management zones - Native Broadleaves (NBL), Diverse Conifer (DC) and Productive Broadleaves (PB) - a departure from the previous forest management technique of monoculture mass planting and clear felling. This will have benefits for the soil ecology and biodiversity of the forest, will help to naturally manage pests and diseases, and will play a part in re-balancing carbon emissions on Mull.

The NBL areas are in the amenity area of the forest and will be planted with sessile oak, downy birch, bird cherry, hazel, willow, wych elm, hawthorn and rowan, spaced so that they can grow to their optimum size and habit. These areas will not be felled and will provide habitats for native birds, insects, animals and plants, as well as being a beautiful place for people to enjoy activities and events. 

The DC (Douglas fir, western red cedar and Scot's pine) and PB (sessile and common oak, beech, sycamore, wild cherry, silver birch) areas are for sustainable harvesting. These trees will be planted closer together and are thinned out as they grow. Replanting is carried out in the gaps that are created, so maintaining continuous tree cover. In the long term we hope to be able to process and sell this timber locally. 

If you enjoy working outdoors and would like to help plant trees over the coming months – either by sparing a few hours as a volunteer or through regular paid work, please contact our Community Forester!

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