Tiroran sawmill market research survey!


Do you use timber products - whether for your business or at home? Would you be interested in buying FSC timber that has been grown and processed at Tiroran Community Forest on the Isle of Mull?

We are carrying out market research to try to measure the demand for local timber to see whether it is viable for us to invest in a sawmill and other processing equipment. If you are able to fill in our survey we would be very grateful - and it might mean that you will be able to buy timber products from us within a year!

We will not be pressure treating the timber and it will be ungraded for construction purposes. However, we hope to have the capacity for kiln drying, as well as using environmentally friendly treatments like Eco Wood Treatment.

Available products will, we anticipate, include spruce flooring, larch or spruce decking and cladding - rough and planed, bespoke timbers, spruce garden furniture, staging and raised bed planks, untreated fencing materials, and animal housing (e.g. hens, ducks, pigs). Most products will be available kiln dried and then treated or untreated, according to customer requirements!

Please complete the survey BY MIDNIGHT SUNDAY 10TH APRIL by clicking on the button below. Thank you so much!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Philip Yielder, our Community Forester.


Tiroran sawmill survey Email Philip

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