People in the Forest photo competition


We are delighted to announce the winners of our "People in the Forest" photo competition! Our Primary School winner was Orla Jorgensen of Tobermory who took the atmospheric picture of a woman standing contemplating the forest; our High School winner was Alex Welsh of Kintra who took the wonderful photograph of his dog by the stream; the Adult winner was Claire Noble of Tobermory who took the photograph of the boy running through the trees. We love the way this picture captures a fleeting moment as the boy runs, oblivious to the observer and fully engaged in his exploration of the forest. The pictures together show very different ways that people enjoy and appreciate the forest.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the competition; to our judges - John Clare, Zoe Heald and Ruaridh Cameron; and to our generous prize givers - Whitetail Gin (a bottle of gin for the Adult prize) and Tackle and Books (a voucher for the High School prize). SWMID donated the Primary School prize.


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