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Towards the end of 2020 Alasdair Satchel, perhaps best known on Mull for his What We Do in the Winter podcasts, interviewed and recorded a number of local people who had bravely agreed to speak to him! The interviews, all conducted by Zoom, were part of a Community Land Scotland project called Owning Our Future, that explored how communities experienced the first Covid lockdown. The communities that were chosen to take part were all land owners - our local community owns Tiroran Community Forest and Bendoran - and interviewees were asked to reflect on both their experience of lockdown and how community land ownership might play a part in a "post-Covid" future. The podcasts are an honest, openhearted portrayal of the impact of the first lockdown on those interviewed and are very moving to listen to. Although none of those interviewed claim to be speaking for the whole community - Alasdair is keen to point out that the podcasts captured "individual experiences of a unique (we hope) moment in time" - the words spoken will resonate with many listeners. There are five podcasts (see below for the link) and each is a response to a different question:

  • What has had the most impact on your life in the current situation?
  • What is life like in your community under Covid 19?
  • What’s the best thing to have happened in your community as a result of Covid 19?
  • What do you feel your community needs to build its road map out of the current situation?
  • What do you feel that SWID’s role in this whole period has been and will be?

This project was funded through the National Lottery Community Fund’s Emerging Futures fund.

Original music by Hannah Fisher and Sorren Maclean.

The podcasts were produced and edited by Alasdair Satchel.

With heartfelt thanks to everyone who took part.

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