Islands Infrastructure Fund boost for Aird Fada Seaweed Farm


Thanks to the Scottish Government's Islands Infrastructure Fund, Argyll and Bute Council are funding the development of our onshore seaweed processing facilities at Bendoran! The award of £67,000 will pay for sheds for storage and processing, a large polytunnel, a freezing unit, and chopping, drying and packaging equipment. All of these facilities will meet stringent food safety requirements. This invaluable investment will put us in a strong position to respond flexibly to the demands of the seaweed market. 

This year we expect to harvest at least 20 tonnes of sugar kelp and we plan to sell chopped and frozen seaweed, as well as some in its raw state. Any surplus can be chopped, kiln dried and packaged in 1kg containers, where it will have a shelf-life of three years.

Developments will be happening fast now as our seaweed will be ready to harvest in April and May!

To find out more about our community owned seaweed farm, click on the links below.

Aird Fada Seaweed Farm Why farm seaweed?

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