Aird Fada Seaweed Farm - infrastructure installed


It's fantastic to see that our seaweed farm at Aird Fada, Loch Scridain, has now been installed.  Thanks to a grant from the European Marine and Fisheries Fund, we were able to engage Inverlussa Marine Services to undertake the deployment of the infrastructure needed for the 6ha farm. 

Seaweed farming is a growing global industry and seaweed is in high demand for a multitude of uses from culinary, to horticultural, agricultural and bio-plastics to cosmetics and clothing.  We hope that being part of the seaweed farming industry will result in community benefits such as jobs, training and income generation.

In October 2021 we will begin deploying 6km of seeded line, sourced from the Scottish Association of Marine Science (SAMS), which will cover just under 2ha of the farm area.  This will allow us to pilot the growing of our first crop of Saccharina latissima, more commonly known as Sugar Kelp.  We expect to be harvesting from April through to May.

Watch out for more news on here and our social media pages for information about our farm manager job, which will be advertised towards the end of August, and for opportunities for local boats and skippers.

You can also contact Morven on or 01681 700021.

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