South West Mull and Iona Development is a Company Limited by Guarantee with a board of directors who all live in our community. The Board meets every month to six weeks and is responsible for ensuring that SWMID continues to grow and develop in a way that is guided by the community and in line with the principles expressed in our Articles of Association. The Articles also provide a legal framework for community ownership and set out the Board’s fiscal responsibilities. Directors are governed by a Code of Conduct that requires them to take care that the business of SWMID is carried out in the best interests of the community and in a fair and transparent manner.

The Annual General Meeting is an opportunity for all members of SWMID and anyone else who wishes to attend to hear an update on the year’s activities, to scrutinise the accounts and to vote in the election of directors. Any member of SWMID is welcome to become a director and should contact Cameron Anson, Chair of the Board, or the SWMID office if you are interested in doing so.

SWMID New Articles March 2023 SWMID Approved Annual Accounts 2022-2023

Governance Photo by Anna Mockford
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