Community Consultation

In 2010 the Ross of Mull and Iona Development Group, part of Mull and Iona Community Trust at that time, carried out the first widespread community consultation in the area. This led to the creation of the Ross of Mull and Iona Community Plan and, in 2014, to the birth of South West Mull and Iona Development as an independent organisation.

The principles of the plan remain unchanged – to support a thriving, resilient and sustainable community – even while our projects develop and our aspirations become more ambitious. We continue to consult regularly to ensure that we are heading in the right direction.

Most recently, in November/December 2020 we took part in a project, Owning Our Future that explored the community’s experience of Covid-19. While in February/March 2021 we asked local people about tourism and its impact on their lives. From this we have produced a Tourism Consultation Report that reflects the needs of local residents, tourism businesses and visitors.

RoMi Community Plan Final Tourism Consultation Report

Community Consultation
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