What’s been happening at Tiroran Community Forest?

It’s been a busy and exciting spring! After our new Community Forester, Philip Yielder, spent a few weeks finding his feet in the forest and getting up to speed with the role, he was straight into fence building and tree planting. A perimeter fence has been erected around a large area including along the road on the West side of the forest in preparation for mixed broadleaf and native conifer planting. However, due to some unresolved boundary issues it hasn’t yet been possible to complete the fencing over the river and a small protected area within was needed quickly in order to plant our trial trees. This was completed at the end of April and planting of the control trees was able to begin.

7,000 trees, including birch, oak, holly and willow are being planted, half of which are wax treated as a barrier against pine weevil and half of which are untreated. The saplings will be monitored to see how they do – tests have shown Tiroran Community Forest to have a high pine weevil population. May is not ideal for planting young, bare-root trees but circumstances have made it necessary. We are hoping to get some rain soon to help them settle in!

We are always so delighted when Bunessan Primary School has learning days in the forest. Every age group visited in May, led by Emily the Ranger, who always makes their outdoor learning fun and interesting. This time they planted trees, visited the willow Giant Heads and had a great time spotting the fabulous plants and animals in the Woollen Woods. Held on Sunday 19th May, this was the second Woollen Woods event at Tiroran Community Forest, organised by local weaver and creator, Monica Haddock. It was a great day, with over 60 people attending to try out spoon carving, felting and willow weaving. There was storytelling under the magic mushrooms and a chance to plant a tree with the community forester.

Now we are looking forward to our event with Woodland Tribe in July, where everyone will have a chance to help design and build a unique adventure playground structure in the forest! Check out our Events page for more information.