Join Our Forest Volunteer Group!

The forest has played host to some great events over the last four years, but we want to make sure there are more regular opportunities for local people to get involved and help shape this community space.

This year we are searching for some enthusiastic local people to join our forest volunteer group, who will meet regularly to work on tasks like planting trees, creating new paths, and, in the future, building a new visitor centre.

If you enjoy working outdoors, learning new skills and contributing to the community, please contact our Community Forester Philip Yielder on pyielder@swmid.co.uk or 01681 700 185.

Past Volunteer Events

Tuesday 3rd May 2016

Knockroy township, Tiroran Forest
Knockroy township, Tiroran Forest

Please come along to our forthcoming volunteer event at Knockroy Township on Tuesday 3rd May, meeting at 10am at Pennyghael-in-the-Past, Balevulin, Glen Seilisdeir.

We will be starting to establish a circular footpath around the historic township ruins by clearing bracken and high-pruning conifers.  There will be tasks for all abilities. Please bring gloves, suitable tools (some tools can be provided) and lunch if you intend to stay all day.

Please contact Philip Yielder, Community Forester, on pyielder@swmid.co.uk for more details.


13th February 2016: Tigh Anna, Balevulin

A beautiful clear, crisp February morning saw 14 volunteers meet early at Pennyghael in the Past to commence work on clearing the ruin of ‘Tigh Anna’ (Anna’s House), a croft cottage in the forest adjacent to Balevulin. This work is the first phase of a project to partially reconstruct the stone walls and build a traditional style ‘Mull Roof’ comprising thatch with one gable end and one rounded end where the wooden chimney pokes through at an angle.

IMG_1646 A large proportion of the remaining walls are in a precarious state and the building interior was filled with loose stones, sections of old corrugated roofing and other rubbish. The volunteers soon got to work removing tumbled stones, boulders, rubbish, soil and overhanging vegetation.

Lunch was provided by Christine Leach at the Pennyghael in the Past museum and we were able to look at copies of old photographs and documents about the history of the building and its location.

After lunch, work continued and we were able to expose the foundation stones and remains of a cobbled platform along the front of the building.

Once the inside of the building was cleared of rubble we were able to start to excavate the floor. Sections of a poor quality concrete floor were removed and beneath another few centimetres of soil a compressed clay surface was discovered, littered with small pieces of charcoal.  Small lumps of coal were also found. The excavated floor

Perhaps the most interesting find of the day was a clutch of ceramic hen eggs, buried under soil and rubble in the remains of the byre.

the ceramic eggs



As work was drawing to a close, we were treated to a fly-past by Fingal, the male white-tailed eagle of the pair that have been resident in Tiroran Forest since 2002. 







Many thanks to Christine Leach for hosting the day and all those that took part:  Graham Kent, Richard Warwick, Brik Halcrow, Jenny Wright, Sue Clare, Ali & Howard Moore, Marie Fox, Joe McHugh, Julie & Terry Wared and Steve Littlewood.

Please contact Philip Yielder, Community Forester, if you are interested in volunteering in the future on 01681 700 021; pyielder@swmid.co.uk; or visit our Tiroran Community Forest Facebook page