Tourism in our Community – we want to hear your views!

Working together to create a local tourism plan that reflects the needs of local residents, tourism businesses and visitors, and is environmentally sustainable

NB. Due to the tight timescale of this project we are closing the survey on Monday 1st March at midnight. 

We are seeking the views of local residents to find out how you feel about the role and impact of tourism in our community. You may be fully or partly reliant on income from tourism, or you may have no connection to the local tourist industry. Whatever your situation, if you live here, tourism is likely to affect your life.

What do you think tourism brings to the area? The benefits and the downsides?
What can we do, as a community, to ensure that tourism is working as well as it can for local people and businesses, visitors and the environment.

We are gathering evidence to enable us to create a local tourism plan with short, medium and long term goals and a vision for tourism that benefits the community, enhances the visitor experience and preserves our area’s unique appeal.

It is essential that this plan reflects a wide range of views and if you are resident in the South West Mull and Iona area we would really appreciate if you would fill in this survey. Here’s the link!

Within the survey there is also an opportunity to sign up to be part of an advisory group, to help shape the local tourism plan and steer future developments. If this interests you – please let us know!

For more information please contact Celia Compton


This project is supported by NatureScot, through the Better Places Green Recovery Fund