Scottish Government Covid-19 Framework consultation

The Scottish Government is seeking feedback on the document “COVID-19 – A Framework for Decision Making” and SWMID has drafted a response.

The framework is the beginning of a conversation to help us to begin to consider options for transition from lockdown, in preparation for when it happens and only when it is deemed safe to do so, and to help us to adapt to a “new normal”. The SWMID directors support the concept of the framework, the direction which it will take us and the importance of moving cautiously from lockdown alongside the rest of Scotland.  We felt that in our response there were particular aspects which we should draw attention to, in relation to our local area: Tourism, Education and Connectivity.  That is not to say that other aspects cannot be mentioned but we felt that these are very specific to us in this part of Mull and on Iona.   

We are inviting everyone in the South West Mull and Iona area to comment on our response to the Scottish Government documents – please click on the links below and read everything before you do so – the framework, the “further information” update and the SWMID response. Let us know if you agree with the response, if you think that we have missed anything out or if you would like to add any points. It is really important that as many of us engage with this process as possible.  If you would like to contribute your views then please send us your thoughts by 10pm on Sunday 10th May. We know this only gives you a few days but the Scottish Government have provided a deadline of 11th May for feedback on this latest guidance.

Please note that Iona Community Council have responded separately and we have taken into account these views within the SWMID document.

The Scottish Government is actively encouraging feedback and discussion about the framework document and you can also get involved individually through their online forum: Scottish Government discussion forum.

Mull Community Council are also collating a Mull-wide response and you will be invited to make a contribution to this.

Please follow the links below:-

Scottish Government: Covid-19 – A Framework for Decision Making

Scottish Government: Covid-19 – A Framework for Decision Making: Further Information

SWMID response to Scottish Government documents