Eagles at Tiroran Forest

Fingal and Iona are our resident breeding pair of white-tailed eagles and have been bringing up their offspring in Tiroran Community Forest for several years. White-tailed eagles, also known as sea eagles, can be up to 92cm long with a wingspan of 200-245cm. These awe-inspiring birds can be seen soaring above the forest and along the shore.

Sadly, Fingal and Iona’s chick died this year in June, at just a few weeks old. Probably due to an infection or a genetic defect, exacerbated by an untimely storm. Nine out of twenty chicks died this year at various locations on Mull. 


A location map can be found on our Forest Plans and Maps page.

In 2016, funds raised by Mull Eagle Watch was given to South West Mull and Iona Development as a grant. Some of this money will be used to enable local children to access the forest and for the island school sports day. We will also be using this grant to build a compost toilet to enhance the facilities in the forest.