Moving Forward with Bendoran

You may have already seen last week’s fantastic news that SWMID has been successful in securing a grant of £450,487 from the Scottish Land Fund! This will enable SWMID to purchase this 2 acre shoreside site at Bendoran, just outside Bunessan, for the long-term benefit of local people. 

Our ambitious plan is to create a multi-use resource on the site, featuring:

  • Processing facilities for a community-owned seaweed farm 
  • A water-sports centre with kayaking, sailing, and paddle-boarding, run separately by a soon-to-be-formed local social enterprise 
  • Moorings for local and visiting boats
  • Boat maintenance area (in the future)

Until the 1980s, Bendoran was a boat yard and was known as one of the most sheltered anchorages on the West Coast. The bay is ideal for mooring boats during the wild winter months, its shallow sandy beach is perfect for teaching kayaking and sailing, and the pier and slipway will enable us to land seaweed harvested from lines in nearby waters. 

We hope the water-sports centre will give local young people the chance to learn new things and get more enjoyment out of the beautiful place in which we live.

Entering the relatively new industry of seaweed farming and processing will generate income to be reinvested locally, while the water-sports centre will support our many local accommodation and food providers by creating reasons for tourists to stay longer on the Ross of Mull. Both enterprises will create several badly needed jobs and training opportunities that will enable working-age people and families to stay in, or move to, the area.

Bendoran is a long term project. Once we have bought the site we can begin detailed plans for development. There is so much to do and we are excited to be getting started!

ben drone 3
Ben drone 2
ben drone 4
Bendoran 5 (002)

Thanks to Scott Mccracken and his drone-piloting skills for the aerial pictures!

If you’d like more information, you can:

  • Attend our AGM on Saturday 23rd November, 11am, at Creich Hall
  • Book to join us for a Bendoran Site Visit on the morning of the AGM
  • Contact the SWMID offices on 01681 700 021 or email