Forest Certification

UK Woodland Assurance Standard

Tiroran Community Forest has been assessed as fulfilling the requirements of the UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS), as part of the Tilhill Group Scheme.

The UK Woodland Assurance Scheme is an independent certification standard for verifying sustainable woodland management in the United Kingdom. It is consistent with Forestry Commission principles and criteria while reflecting local ecological, social and economic circumstances.
There are eight components of forest management that are assessed:

1. Compliance with the law and conformance with the requirements of the certification standard;
2. Management planning;
3. Woodland design: creation, felling and replanting;
4. Operations;
5. Protection and maintenance;
6. Conservation and enhancement of biodiversity;
7. The community;
8. Forestry workforce.

The UKWAS does not provide a product label or chain of custody certification by itself but has been designed to fit into other labelling systems such as the FSC.

This achievement demonstrates that SWMID is committed to managing Tiroran Community Forest to the highest standards.

Tiroran UKWAS Certificate

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