Felling restarting at Tiroran Community Forest

We are relieved that, after a long break, felling has now restarted at Tiroran Community Forest in accordance with our Long Term Forest Plan and as part of the supply chain in the production of key industry products such as pallets and packaging, biomass fuel, and timber for the construction industry.

The harvesting will be carried out by Colin Brolly Forestry Limited, an Argyll company with extensive experience of harvesting timber on Mull. Over the coming months we will be felling an area on the east side of Glen Seilisdeir, behind Balevulin. Warning signs have been erected asking people not to enter the area where the harvesting in taking place. For several months, two contractors will be living in caravans tucked away in the area beyond the information shelter and compost toilet.

The white-tailed eagles and their chick are being closely monitored by Dave Sexton of the RSPB to ensure that they are not being disturbed by the works.

Haulage of the timber along the B8035 will also restart within the next couple of weeks, in accordance with our permit to use the road and in observance of it’s conditions, which include no more than six loads per day and a maximum speed of 20mph.

If you are walking in the forest please stay away from forestry operations and do not allow children to climb on the stacks.

Philip Yielder, Community Forester
07564 342610