Forest Updates

October 2017

Forestry Management

We were granted approval to extend the timber haulage period to enable us to finishing hauling the roadside timber. This has now been completed. So far c £62,000 worth of timber has been sold while some remains at the pier awaiting transportation.

We have noticed other overweight vehicles using the B8035, including those diverted from the northern route due to a temporary weight restriction near Salen. We are keeping records of these and updating Argyll and Bute Council. There will be no movement of timber over the winter in order to limit road damage. However, we will be meeting Argyll and Bute Council soon to move forward a transport agreement for Spring 2018.

Plant Health Notices (PHN)

PHN felling started on 2nd October.  Most of the work is now complete with the exception of a small area on the Eastern side which needs to be felled by SSE as it is close to power lines. There is also a larger area to the South that will take longer to fell as we are also taking down a quantity of spruce which is also to be forwarded for transportation. This is to prevent wind-blow as these trees are now exposed and will also give us some timber to sell once we are able to haul again. The diseased larch is not economic to haul and sell. It is planned that felling will be completed by the end of December.

Welcome sign and seat

We are very grateful for donations received from Christine Leach and Marie Fox of Tiroran who have raised money through plant sales. These donations are to be put towards paying for the building of a stone seat near the entrance to the forest. Graham Kent has started construction using stone and larch from the forest.

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